Birthday Dinner at The Quarter | FoodΒ 

Some of you will already know, but if you don’t, I turned 24 this week! I’ve had a wonderful week of celebrations with family, friends and work pals, but one of the highlights was a big family meal that we had at The Quarter in Liverpool City Centre.  

The Quarter is a fab little Italian restaurant off Hope Street in Liverpool – its in the Georgian quarter so it’s all cobbled streets, beautiful buildings and just generally really nice surroundings. The restaurant itself is all quirky kitsch, which I love – the chairs don’t match, the tables are all beaten up wood and there are huge windows running down one side of the restaurant which makes it feel really open and airy. It’s also, oddly for a restaurant nowadays, not open plan – there are partitions separating areas, making it feel almost like it’s lots of tiny houses that have been knocked together, which feeds into the quirky, slightly different vibe of the whole place. 

As well as having a beautiful layout and great location, it also scores enormous points with me for being an independent, family owned and run restaurant. In Liverpool we’re incredibly lucky to have so many ace independent small businesses, and I try to frequent them as much as I can! The staff, both the family and hired ones, are absolutely lovely. They were really welcoming, friendly and engaging with us throughout, without ever crossing the boundary into basically bothering us (my #1 hatred in restaurant staff). We had my nephew with us, who is 3 and was feeling REALLY energetic, and they were super patient with him – even more of a bonus! 

Restaurant and staff covered, it’s time to talk about the food, obvs the most important part. I’ve got to be honest – everything was absolutely gorgeous. There were eight of us eating so we sampled quite a lot of the dishes and everyone hugely enjoyed everything that they had.

I started off with the garlic pizza bread with cheese which was a delight – super light and not too heavy, but still really tasty. Even though it was a 10 inch pizza bread, the base was so light it didn’t fill me up and left me with plenty of room for my main. My mum and sister both ordered fishcakes from the specials board and they looked equally lovely. My mum went with ‘succulent’ as a descriptor for them. My godmum and brother in law got the chicken and chorizo brochette (kind of like a mini kebab of chicken and chorizo), which I nicked a bit of and might be the tastiest chorizo I’ve ever had. 

This was my incredible main. I went with the carbonara, always a favourite dish of mine but this has to be in the top three cabonaras I’ve ever had in my life. It was so tasty and (something that I never encounter in pastas) it was the perfect amount, I was pleasantly full but not totally stuffed, which was ace. The pasta was so soft as well and oh I don’t even have words. 10/10 for my carbonara, honestly. 

The rest of my family went with prawn linguine, 8oz ribeye steak, benedict pasta (which is smoked salmon, asparagus, a poached egg, spinach and a cream sauce with pasta) and everyone really enjoyed their meals, especially the prawn linguine which my mum has mentioned at least once a day since we ate there.

The desserts also definitely deserve a mention – they have a huge cake bar so as well as the standard ones that they have every time you visit, there are also some specials. I had the dreamy chocolate fudge cake which absolutely was the dreamiest, and other people chose the key lime pie (which went down well), the milk and cookies chocolate layer cake with peanut butter frosting (which was described as actual heaven) and the chocolate torte, which did warrant a complaint – but only that it was so nice my sister wanted a bigger serving! 

Genuinely one of the best meals I’ve had and I really couldn’t reccommend the Quarter enough – whether you want it for a post family meal or just a nice treat lunch. It’s close enough to be a lovely pre show treat if you’re seeing anything on at the  Liverpool Philharmonic Hall or  Everyman Theatre too! You can visit the restaurants website here.

10 things you should know now you’ve graduated and got a real job| Education | Work

So you’ve passed your degree, made it through graduation without tripping over your own feet, you have an actual adult job to go to Monday through Friday, but now what?

It’s a totally new frontier for most people, and one that none of our years of schooling and standardised testing and summer holidays have prepared us for. It’s been two years since I graduated and had to go out into the big, wide world, and upon reflection, these are the ten things I wish someone had let me in on before I became a real grown up. Or at least, the attempt of a real grown up that I am now.

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Jewellery brands you need to know about | Fashion

I love fashion, and clothes as much as the next girl, but my heart really lies jewellery. I love the way it can instantly change an outfit, dress it up or down, and I love how much you can DO with jewellery, that you can layer it to get a hundred different looks. I particularly like really unusual, or statement jewellery, and there is nothing better for me than discovering a new jewellery brand to fall in love with. With that in mind, I thought I’d do a little post on some of my favourite brands at the minute to share them with you.

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How to deal with Game of Thrones being over for another year | Television


Here we are again, at the end of another season of Game of Thrones. It’s been another long, emotional slog, with beheadings, murder, plotting, sex, weird ice zombies, resurrections…you name it, we’ve been through it in the last ten weeks. And now it’s over. Again. And we’re bereft. Again. But we’ve been here before, on much worse cliffhangers than this (See: Stabbed Jon Snow) and we got through it. Here are some of the things I’m going to be doing to get myself through it.

ο»Ώ8 things I wish I’d known about graduation | Education

So, it’s been three, four or five (or even seven, shout out to any architecture students reading this!) years. You’ve been through questionable choices in Freshers week, the unmatched high of student loan days, the unmatched low of spending your student loan in a week and living in poverty for the rest of the semester, you’ve survived exam month and felt the sheer glee of handing in your dissertation or last assignments, and now you’ve reached the last hurdle. Graduation.

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Game of Thrones | Tag Blog


I, like pretty much everyone else in the world, am pretty much obsessed with HBO’s Game of Thrones, as well as the books that they’re based on (The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R R Martin, as if you didn’t already know!). So I’ve been reaaaaally excited for Season 6 to air, and the first two episodes have not disappointed at all. Melisandre, you might burn children at the stake, but you’re alright.

So while I anxiously wait for episode 3 to air (at 2am UK time – I’m going to be knackered on a Monday for the rest of the season) I thought I’d do Tania Michelle’s GoT tag – some fun questions about what I think of the series. Without further ago…

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In love with Love, Courtney | Fashion

I confess, I love a good Celeb collab collection. I love being able to steal the style of someone I always think looks bomb, and I love how you can take these awesome statement pieces that are so very reminiscent of the celeb who worked on them, and make them your own. The last collection I really got obsessed with was the #NickGrimshawXTopman collection, which despite being designed for boys, had been absorbed into my wardrobe very successfully. I absolutely adore it.


My Grimmy paint splatter shirt is a favourite work outfit with black leather look skinnies and killer heels.

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