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Anyone who knows me knows I love a piercing, much to the despair of my mum. I spent most of my teenage years begging for snakebite lip piercings and practically sprinted to a piercer the day I was allowed to get my nostril pierced. Over the years I’ve had 13 piercings total (including the new addition!), mostly in my ears, and I still have 10 in today! I’ll probably even add to that, payday is looming…

Anyways, I decided just before Christmas to treat myself to a new piercing to jazz my face up. I knew it HAD to be a septum piercing – I’ve loved it since I fell in love with Zacky Vengeance from Avenged Sevenfold when I was 13, and I’ve actually had it done once before – sadly I had a boyfriend who hated it not long after I got it done and ended up taking it out cause he hated it, and actually used to flick me in it – disappointed in past me and her lack of a backbone :(


Zacky Vengeance of Avenged Sevenfold…aka 13 year old Sarah’s absolute love.

So, off I went to get it pierced! And I totally, totally love it. I feel like it’s probably my favourite piercing to be honest – and since I love it so much, and I’ve had a ton of questions about it, I thought I’d do a bit of a blog about it.

(For anyone who doesn’t know, a septum piercing is a piercing through the middle part of your nose. It doesn’t go through the cartilage, but the thin skin between the cartilage and the bottle of your nose.)

I went to The Painted Ladies on Hope Street in Liverpool for my piercing. They’re an incredible, independent studio who offer piercing, tattoos and beauty, and they’re wholly female run, which I think is awesome. Their studio is all kitted out in pink, glittery, cute stuff, and all the staff are totally incredible, which is why they’re always my first choice for piercings. I’ve already had my helix done by them!

When I arrived at The Painted Ladies, I talked to Beinta, their piercer and told her which piercing I wanted. I had to fill out a quick form, which just lets the studio judge if you’re suitable to be pierced. Beinta chatted to me the whole way through, and is just a total delight.

Once my form was filled in and checked out, I picked my jewellery – for septum piercings you can either have a closed ring, or an open bull ring (what Zacky has in the picture above  ^^). I picked the open bull ring, which has a little bit of a hidden benefit. Because of where a septum piercing is, you can flip the piercing up and it’s totally hidden – no one can even tell I have it pierced! It’s handy for days I just don’t feel like having a piercing :’).

The actual piercing is the quickest part of the whole thing – Beinta made a couple of marks in my nose where it was going to go, and then put on the clamps. The clamps hold your nose in place and are a target for the needle so to speak – they’re actually the most painful part because they pinch so bad! Once they’re firmly on (and hanging from your nose which is a weird, heavy sensation), the needle goes through. The actual pain only lasts a second, and it’s actually not that bad at all. I’m a wimp, and I’m totally fine with it, so if I can do it, so can anyone.

When the needle has gone through, the clamp comes off, and you’re left for a second with a really long needle sticking out either side of your nose. It’s obviously hilarious for anyone who goes along with you, since you’re just sat there looking all tribal. After a moment of tribal vibes, Beinta threaded my ring onto the needle, wriggled it through (which didn’t hurt), threaded the balls on and I was good to go. I did have to touch my face up though – there are so many nerve endings in your nose/septum that lots of people who get it pierced find that their eyes water for a few minutes, and yup, I was one of them.

I got my aftercare pack (which was so cute because it was done in Sailor Jerry style, heart eyezz), paid and I was back at work. The whole thing took under 45 minutes, including me walking to and from the studio. It cost me £35 in all, which is about average for the piercing – some places do it for £30, but I prefer to pay a little more for the amazing studio I go to.

For aftercare, you’re advised to clean it twice a day with boiled salt water that has mainly cooled for 6 weeks. I have to be honest, I didn’t follow it, my bad. When I’ve used salt water on piercings before it really hasn’t agreed with them, so for my cleaning I just used boiling water. Healing time is around 6 weeks, with 3 months till you can change jewellery, but I’m four weeks post piercing now, and I’d say it’s really healed. Pain afterward was minimal, for maybe a week it was sore when I touched it, but my best piercing in that respect!


I looooooove it!

I can’t wait till I hit the three month mark when I can start putting beautiful septum clickers in it like this – if anyone has any recommendations for where I can get some, hit me up!

To conclude, I can’t recommend a septum piercing enough, or Beinta at The Painted Ladies.



Dating horror story: The 6 inch | Boys

Alright, small disclaimer. This blog is nowhere near as NSFW as the title would suggest. In fact, if it was going to be filed on Netflix, it’s a better fit for comedy than adult. But I disgress… 

I decided that since me and my friends have SO many horrible/hilarious/down right questionable dating experiences, it’d be rude not to share them. At the very least we might make someone feel better about their own lives right? 

As a disclaimer, I won’t ever name said friends or include identifying features, and I’m only sharing the stories after asking their permission.  

But now that slight moral ish is covered, on with the story! 

So my friend K met this guy on Plenty of Fish (it’s already questionable, who uses POF under the age of 35? We have Tinder), and got to chatting. Daily texting. Following on Instagram and Twitter. In no time at all, and without having met him, he was a pretty major part of her life (warning klaxons, activate now). And honestly, we were all for it. Absolutely all for it. He was a little older, but I wouldn’t kick Johnny Depp out of bed so who am I to judge? (Or Brad Pitt. Or Leonardo DiCaprio. Or Billie Joe Armstrong….) 

Where was I? Sorry. Yeah, he was a little older but it seemed in a good way. He had a house, a mortgage, a car (a sensible Toyota, not a mid life crisis mobile which would have raised flags), a decent job and he was reasonably attractive. He went on and on about how he liked to treat girls like princesses, sweep them off their feet, spoil them, be a regular Prince Charming….and all signs supported this. He sent 15 red roses to K’s work, in a bow. That doesn’t even happen outside of movies. 

So obviously, when he asked her for a date we were ready for it to be a Cinderella story. We were expecting romance, fireworks, butlers, maybe even talking animals it was all so Disney perfect. And in our defence, all signs pointed to it. He told her to dress up really nice, that he was going to spoil her and show her what she really meant to him. (Remember this part, we’ll come back to it later, in the post mortem.) 

So K got all ready…hair blow dryed, full face of make up, wearing an actual cocktail dress for a classy evening, and heels, and the kind of nice jewellery your mother gives you for a keepsake but you never wear? 

And she took a taxi to the train station in the centre of Liverpool that she was meant to meet him at, and she waited. And waited. For FIFTEEN MINUTES. He was late, and while fifteen minutes isn’t an inexcusable amount of time to be late (my average is like 30, #sorrynotsorry) it is inexcusable when you’re meant to be Prince Charming and your date is wearing heels and evening wear! So after he eventually arrived he hugged her (no kiss?? Even on the cheek??) and said, let’s grab some dinner then. 

And then took her into a railway station Subway. 

Artist rendition of K’s face when he entered Subway

Now I like Subway as much as the next girl (carefully selected ones that don’t belong to the chain my ex boyfriend works for mind), but I would not put on an evening dress and heels to go get a meatball marinara for any man. But it does get worse. He bought the stinkiest sandwich on record, even asking for extra onions 😱 and made her pay for her own! Wildly spoiling her on their first date, this was not. 

He didn’t talk the entire time it took him to eat his six inch, and upon finishing the sandwich, his crisps and drink, he stood up and went ‘This isn’t going well, let’s call it a night’ and walked out of Subway. Leaving K in evening wear and heels, halfway through a BLT sub….could the guy have been anymore of a pig?? 

Anyway the story perked up, she called one of our friends to meet her with more casual clothes, changed in the Subway toilet (#stayclassy) and they had a wild night out in Popworld. But it’s still a dating horror that stays with me. Mainly because of the part where he said he wanted to take her on a date where he could show her what she meant to him….what is a six inch sub trying to say about his feelings for her? Cause I have no clue to this day 😂 needless to say she’s never spoken to him since!! 

Hope you guys enjoyed my first dating horror story….unfortunately of many. 


My Liverpool Bucket List | Events | Personal | Travel

I’ve lived in Liverpool my whole life, apart from travelling and some summer spent in different parts of the UK. I think I can comfortably class myself as having done all the major things to do in Liverpool – all our museums (and boy do we have A LOT of museums), I’ve visited our iconic and amazing waterfront, our football stadiums, our Philharmonic Orchestra, our Echo Arena…basically you name it. But my favourite thing about Liverpool is that things are always changing and there is always something new to do, somewhere new opened to check out, or something relaunched. Literally a week has never passed without a message pinging up in mine and my gal pals group chat of a link and then ‘Oh my god we have GOT to check this out!”. So, with that in mind, I decided to make a bucket list of all the new and exciting things in Liverpool that I have on my to do list..and as I work my way through and tick them off, I’ll share reviews. Enjoy!


Enter a caption

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The best drinking games to liven up predrinks

I love a night out as much as anyone. I love trying new bars, and dancing at clubs and the ridiculous conversations you have at 3am when you’re debating between a Maccies or a kebab and maybe you could get both? But honestly, my favourite part of any night out is always the pre drinks – sitting in your mates drinking v v strong drinks, finishing off getting ready, taking a good outfit selfie (0r 9) and having a goss.

But what I think ALWAYS jazzes predrinks up beyond belief, is the inclusion of a good drinking game, they get the laughs going and get everyone to a good level of relatively shitfaced before you head out (thereby saving money when you get out, making drinking games a positively sensible idea.


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Birthday Dinner at The Quarter | Food 

Some of you will already know, but if you don’t, I turned 24 this week! I’ve had a wonderful week of celebrations with family, friends and work pals, but one of the highlights was a big family meal that we had at The Quarter in Liverpool City Centre.  

The Quarter is a fab little Italian restaurant off Hope Street in Liverpool – its in the Georgian quarter so it’s all cobbled streets, beautiful buildings and just generally really nice surroundings. The restaurant itself is all quirky kitsch, which I love – the chairs don’t match, the tables are all beaten up wood and there are huge windows running down one side of the restaurant which makes it feel really open and airy. It’s also, oddly for a restaurant nowadays, not open plan – there are partitions separating areas, making it feel almost like it’s lots of tiny houses that have been knocked together, which feeds into the quirky, slightly different vibe of the whole place. 

As well as having a beautiful layout and great location, it also scores enormous points with me for being an independent, family owned and run restaurant. In Liverpool we’re incredibly lucky to have so many ace independent small businesses, and I try to frequent them as much as I can! The staff, both the family and hired ones, are absolutely lovely. They were really welcoming, friendly and engaging with us throughout, without ever crossing the boundary into basically bothering us (my #1 hatred in restaurant staff). We had my nephew with us, who is 3 and was feeling REALLY energetic, and they were super patient with him – even more of a bonus! 

Restaurant and staff covered, it’s time to talk about the food, obvs the most important part. I’ve got to be honest – everything was absolutely gorgeous. There were eight of us eating so we sampled quite a lot of the dishes and everyone hugely enjoyed everything that they had.

I started off with the garlic pizza bread with cheese which was a delight – super light and not too heavy, but still really tasty. Even though it was a 10 inch pizza bread, the base was so light it didn’t fill me up and left me with plenty of room for my main. My mum and sister both ordered fishcakes from the specials board and they looked equally lovely. My mum went with ‘succulent’ as a descriptor for them. My godmum and brother in law got the chicken and chorizo brochette (kind of like a mini kebab of chicken and chorizo), which I nicked a bit of and might be the tastiest chorizo I’ve ever had. 

This was my incredible main. I went with the carbonara, always a favourite dish of mine but this has to be in the top three cabonaras I’ve ever had in my life. It was so tasty and (something that I never encounter in pastas) it was the perfect amount, I was pleasantly full but not totally stuffed, which was ace. The pasta was so soft as well and oh I don’t even have words. 10/10 for my carbonara, honestly. 

The rest of my family went with prawn linguine, 8oz ribeye steak, benedict pasta (which is smoked salmon, asparagus, a poached egg, spinach and a cream sauce with pasta) and everyone really enjoyed their meals, especially the prawn linguine which my mum has mentioned at least once a day since we ate there.

The desserts also definitely deserve a mention – they have a huge cake bar so as well as the standard ones that they have every time you visit, there are also some specials. I had the dreamy chocolate fudge cake which absolutely was the dreamiest, and other people chose the key lime pie (which went down well), the milk and cookies chocolate layer cake with peanut butter frosting (which was described as actual heaven) and the chocolate torte, which did warrant a complaint – but only that it was so nice my sister wanted a bigger serving! 

Genuinely one of the best meals I’ve had and I really couldn’t reccommend the Quarter enough – whether you want it for a post family meal or just a nice treat lunch. It’s close enough to be a lovely pre show treat if you’re seeing anything on at the  Liverpool Philharmonic Hall or  Everyman Theatre too! You can visit the restaurants website here.

10 things you should know now you’ve graduated and got a real job| Education | Work

So you’ve passed your degree, made it through graduation without tripping over your own feet, you have an actual adult job to go to Monday through Friday, but now what?

It’s a totally new frontier for most people, and one that none of our years of schooling and standardised testing and summer holidays have prepared us for. It’s been two years since I graduated and had to go out into the big, wide world, and upon reflection, these are the ten things I wish someone had let me in on before I became a real grown up. Or at least, the attempt of a real grown up that I am now.

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Jewellery brands you need to know about | Fashion

I love fashion, and clothes as much as the next girl, but my heart really lies jewellery. I love the way it can instantly change an outfit, dress it up or down, and I love how much you can DO with jewellery, that you can layer it to get a hundred different looks. I particularly like really unusual, or statement jewellery, and there is nothing better for me than discovering a new jewellery brand to fall in love with. With that in mind, I thought I’d do a little post on some of my favourite brands at the minute to share them with you.

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