Getting crafty | Creative

I’m not what you’d call a creative person. I don’t draw, I haven’t joined the hipster ‘adult sewing class’ craze and one year in high school all I turned in for a years worth of art classes was one page of badly drawn seashells. Uncoloured.
So on the odd occasion that I do get my craft, I feel the need to share. Hence this blog post.
For a long time I’ve been coveting a certain style of Skinny Dip London clutch. The clutches in question are Perspex box clutches, covered in gemstone embellishments. They’re fabulous, OTT and one hell of a statement piece. This one is a particular favourite of mine:


As well as being b-e-a-utiful, these clutches are unfortunately expensive. Like £40 odd quid. Which, while I’m totally willing to pay that for a bad because, hello, it’s a bag, I also think it’s quite a lot to pay for a clutch that I can’t use all that often. (Despite being a graduate, with a graduate job and salary, I’m still struggling to break out of my student “omgicantpossiblyaffordthattillloanday” mindset. Waiting on a loan day that will never come again D; )
So while I was having a think about buying it, I decided to try eBay for a cheaper alternative. My search gave me no fabulous embellished clutches, but did offer me a plain Perspex box clutch, which I thought was cool, but it lacked the bling factor I really wanted…until the next day, when I nipped into Poundland for a Lucozade Sport, and on the till was a packet of gems!
£2 spent in the Poundshop and three minutes on my eBay app later I had the makings of a clutch. Or I did when the clutch arrived a week later. I gathered my materials…

And started to create! In a hugely non scientific way, I poured the gems all over the floor, and messed around with them on my clutch until I was happy with the pattern, checking they were level with a ruler. For attaching them, my gems were stick on, but if you got non-adhesive gems you could just attach with superglue. This is my finished product;


And very proud I am of it too! Now the question is what to wear with it..



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