In love with Love, Courtney | Fashion

I confess, I love a good Celeb collab collection. I love being able to steal the style of someone I always think looks bomb, and I love how you can take these awesome statement pieces that are so very reminiscent of the celeb who worked on them, and make them your own. The last collection I really got obsessed with was the #NickGrimshawXTopman collection, which despite being designed for boys, had been absorbed into my wardrobe very successfully. I absolutely adore it.


My Grimmy paint splatter shirt is a favourite work outfit with black leather look skinnies and killer heels.

So obviously, given my propensity to empty my bank balance at the site of a good celeb collab, I low key freaked out when I saw an email land in my inbox about a new collection between 90’s grunge icon Courtney Love and my favourite online store Nasty Gal. I was braced to want to buy pretty much everything in the collection.

After some sneak peeks via email and Snapchat, and a launch at the LA store which looked amazing the collection finally dropped and I wasn’t wrong when I said I’d want it all. It’s all very quintessentially Courtney and 90’s, which just made me thoroughly heart eyes about the whole thing. It was a smaller collection than I thought it would be, and the smattering of plaid and leopard print I had expected was very much absent, but as criticisms go, that’s hardly one.

There are two pieces from the collection I especially adore:

Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal Doll Parts Satin Babydoll


Since I’m so petite I’m a huge babydoll dress fan, and this one is channeling serious Alice in Wonderland vibe that I can get behind. I can also see it being super versatile and easy to rock for a night out with a ton of jewellery and a heavy smokey eye, but also great for a nicer than average work outfit with a white shirt underneath. I’m always looking for those work outfits that are just that bit nicer so they do nicely for office to bar dates…added to the fact that I love the neckline on this, it’s definitely top of my to buy and then anxiously stalk my postman for.

I’m also q heart eyes about this piece:

Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal Once and Destroy Satin Maxi Slip Dress

As soon as I saw this I was just like “That is the perfect gothic princess dress and I must have it” and I’m still very much on board that thought train. How perfect would this look with a crown or tiara? Admittedly, it’s probably more of a photo shoot accessory than for a standard Saturday Topshop visit, but even so I stand by my statement. I absolutely love the lace detail of the neck and the split up the side – this is definitely one of those total investment pieces that you can get out for any dressy occasion and always just look classy as fuck. I also feel like you could definitely change the look of the whole dress with your jewellery, and that makes it even better; a dress that acts as two different dresses depending on whether you wear it with a tiny Tiffany’s piece or a huge statement necklace? Sign me up.

I do have to confess that I also think that I completely adore this dress because I feel like it’s something that Mortician Addams would have worn in her younger days when she was dating Gomez, but honestly I’m fine with having the Addams family as fashion inspo.

I’m putting in my order for these two beauties next week, and strongly urge you to check out the collection and get your faves quick before it sells out. Which lets face it, is guaranteed to happen. You can shop the whole collection and check out the look books and a mini interview with Courtney herself on the Nasty Gal website (Click here!). Comment and let me know which beauties steal your heart!



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