Jewellery brands you need to know about | Fashion

I love fashion, and clothes as much as the next girl, but my heart really lies jewellery. I love the way it can instantly change an outfit, dress it up or down, and I love how much you can DO with jewellery, that you can layer it to get a hundred different looks. I particularly like really unusual, or statement jewellery, and there is nothing better for me than discovering a new jewellery brand to fall in love with. With that in mind, I thought I’d do a little post on some of my favourite brands at the minute to share them with you.

Regal Rose

One of my favourite places on the internet for beautiful chokers and amazing stones. They do the most incredible, dramatic pieces that are have total dreamy dark, gothic vibes. Every single item is handmade at their London studio, and I like them even more because they have such grand ideas and concepts, even though they’re a small, independent label. My particular favourites are the ‘EARTHY DELIGHTS Dark Floral Labradorite Drop Earrings’, the ‘A DARK LURE Snake and Amethyst Gemstone Chain Choker’ and the ‘SORREL Silver Dotted Black Mother of Pearl Temple Ring’. Not to mention, their entire S/S16 drop ‘Dark Lure’ is totally stunning. You can shop the whole collection at


The Regal Rose ‘REST IN PEACE Black Mother of Pearl Rose Choker’ is also a personal favourite of mine.

With Grace Jewellery 

With Grace is another independent jewellery brand based in Chesire, UK and is all about gorgeous, hand made silver plated jewellery. I especially love the silver beaded hamsa hand bracelets and the bracelet stacks with hints of blue. You can see their range and contact them about orders on their Instagram page @withgracejewellery or if you happen to be in the UK, their range is also stocked at LornasHouse giftshop in Whitchurch, Shropshire but they have lots of exciting plans to expand in the future, so keep an eye out.


A set of With Grace stacked silver bracelets, featuring the Hamsa Hand bracelet I love so much!

Phantom Jewels

Another UK based designer, specialising in totally stunning, over the top statement necklaces and rings, all of which look jaw droppingly expensive. Like they literally look like you totally raided Cartier. I especially love their more tribal inspired designed, like the ‘Temptress’, which takes any denim cut off and white t-shirt combo from utterly plain to Glasto ready in 2 seconds flat. I also love the ‘Sahara Noir X Coveteur Combo’ necklace and the ‘Odessa Sterling Silver Ring’. All of the Phantom Jewel necklaces and rings can be shopped at, and they offer free UK shipping too!

occult fantasy

The Occult Fantasy necklace by Phantom Jewels. I love how it’s got faint vibes of Ancient Egypt.

My Flash Trash

I love a good charm bracelet probably a bit more than the next gal. I’ve had Pandoras, Chamillas, old fashioned silver ones…but now I have my heart set on a My Flash Trash charm bracelet (Friends/family/admirers, it is my birthday in September, hint hint!). They do a fresh take on charm bracelets, they’re a very playful and jazzy brand which I love. Each charm bracelet is a bangle with holes to add your own charms, making each one totally customisable to you; you buy the charms separately and individually so you can pick the ones that represent you best. They have a massive range of charms too, from gold compasses, to hearts and stars, to tiny Head Girl badges and they release new ones all the time, meaning you can update the bracelet as you go and keep it fresh! As well as the charm bracelets they’re famous for, they’ve also branches out into necklaces and stand alone bracelets. You can see everything they do on!


A fab My Flash Trash charm bracelet in gold with amethyst featurettes.

I hope you guys fall in love with these beautiful designers as much as I have <3



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