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I love a night out as much as anyone. I love trying new bars, and dancing at clubs and the ridiculous conversations you have at 3am when you’re debating between a Maccies or a kebab and maybe you could get both? But honestly, my favourite part of any night out is always the pre drinks – sitting in your mates drinking v v strong drinks, finishing off getting ready, taking a good outfit selfie (0r 9) and having a goss.

But what I think ALWAYS jazzes predrinks up beyond belief, is the inclusion of a good drinking game, they get the laughs going and get everyone to a good level of relatively shitfaced before you head out (thereby saving money when you get out, making drinking games a positively sensible idea.


So, I thought I’d compile a list of my absolute favourite drinking games, ready for you to use whenever you need to up the game of your predrinks!

(As a side note, I’ve noticed that my American friends call predrinking ‘pregaming’, and I quite like it! However, attempts to make it a thing aren’t going well.)



Never Have I Ever

I almost wasn’t going to include this because I thought everyone knew the joys of Never Have I Ever. It was a teenage right of passage for me and my friends, and honestly I kind of think of it as a staple for pre’s and daily life….everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Daryl Dixon plays it! But, I was recently introduced to some people who’d never heard of it…absolute madness. So here we go anyways.
Never Have I Ever is crazy simple, and that’s why it’s so great. Everyone needs a drink (duh) and you all sit around together taking it in turns to say ‘Never Have I Ever….’ then they say something they’ve done. They take a drink, and if you have also done that thing, you also take a drink. You can play the game really simple to get everyone, like Never Have I Ever kissed a boy….Never Have I Ever drank alcohol….Never Have I Ever danced to the Spice Girls, and so on. But you can say whatever you want, so you could take it in a kinda sexually deviant direction, or use your knowledge of your friends misdeeds to specifically target them (WHICH HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME), and you can basically play for as long as people are willing to admit to things. If you’re stuck for things to ask, the internet is a helpful place! Try here, here, here or here!


The Compliments Game

This is a solid one for a predrinks where someone is having an absolute nightmare, hates their outfit and is strongly considering going out with a bag over their head, or if someones had a bad week in work, or if someones been fucked over by an awful boy. Basically, this is your predrinks game of choice if anyone/all of you, need a boost!
Again, everyone needs a drink! When everyone has a drink, you all sit together and going around in a circle pay a compliment to someone in the room, and if anyone else agrees with the compliment, they drink (and you drink, ’cause you’ve paid the compliment so you obvs agreed with it!). So I’d say ‘I think Liz is AMAZING’ and everyone would drink cause they all agreed with me that Liz is amazing, really simple. This is one of my favourite drinking games, and not just because I’m a narcissist – it puts everyone in such a nice, nice mood.


The Truths Game 

Shockingly, this is quite similar to the compliments game, but a bit juicer. It only really works if you’re all the same friends circle and all kind of know the same people though.
So everyone grabs a drink, and takes it in turns to say a truth – if anyone else agrees with the truth, they drink when you do. For example you might say ‘I’ve always secretly fancied Daryl Dixon’ (this is a terrible example because EVERYONE fancies Daryl Dixon, but you get the gist) and then you would drink and so would all your friends. The game works better if you substitute actual people though – although an embarassing sleb crush doesn’t go amiss.



This is actually probably the hardest game to play – just because it takes a bit more thinking. Everyone needs a drink, and you all sit around in a circle. Person A whispers a question to Person B, and the answer has to be a person in the room. So Person A might whisper ‘Who has the best hair tonight?’ and Person B would say ‘Person D’. But since Person D doesn’t know what the question is, they get (you guessed it) Paranoid! If Person D wants to know what question Person A asked, they have to drink and Person A has to tell them! Then, Person B whispers a question to Person C and the game goes on!


Cards Against Humanity 

The Party Game for Horrible People! Alright, this isn’t technically a drinking game, but you can make it one! To start, you need a set of Cards Against Humanity, which you can buy on their website here. If you’re feeling more frugal, you can even download a PDF version from the website and make your own!
One person needs to be judge (According to the official CAH rules, it’s the person who pooped last) and everyone else is the player. Each player gets ten white cards, which are the ‘answer’ cards, and the judge puts down a black ‘question’ card. For people not familiar with CAH, some of the answer cards you’ll get include: Court ordered rehab, Not giving a shit about the Third World and A windmill full of corpses, and some of the question cards you’ll get include: When I am the President of the United States of America, I will create the Department of __________________, What gets better with age? and What will I take back in time to convince people I am a powerful wizard?
All the players put down what they think is the funniest white answer card, and the judge picks a winner. Everyone who isn’t the winner, drinks!

These are basically my four favourite drinking games, but there are sooo many more out there, so don’t limit yourself – the internet is full of brilliant ideas to jazz up predrinks when you’ve worn these out!


Remember, always be sensible when you drink and don’t put yourself in danger – visit Drink Aware for more info and help.


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