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I’ve lived in Liverpool my whole life, apart from travelling and some summer spent in different parts of the UK. I think I can comfortably class myself as having done all the major things to do in Liverpool – all our museums (and boy do we have A LOT of museums), I’ve visited our iconic and amazing waterfront, our football stadiums, our Philharmonic Orchestra, our Echo Arena…basically you name it. But my favourite thing about Liverpool is that things are always changing and there is always something new to do, somewhere new opened to check out, or something relaunched. Literally a week has never passed without a message pinging up in mine and my gal pals group chat of a link and then ‘Oh my god we have GOT to check this out!”. So, with that in mind, I decided to make a bucket list of all the new and exciting things in Liverpool that I have on my to do list..and as I work my way through and tick them off, I’ll share reviews. Enjoy!



The Williamson Tunnels

After the Napoleonic Wars, lots of soldiers returned home only to find England in a pretty poor state – the cost of the Wars, plus an economic downturn, meant that many soliders were out of work, destitute and starving. Enter, Mr Joseph Williamson, a guy who got incredibly rich off the tobacco trade. He employed a ton of unemployed soliders to dig a load of tunnels out of the sandstone under his property. The tunnels had literally no purpose, other than to give him a reason to pay these soliders, which is a pretty awesome thing to do I think! Today, you can go down and explore the tunnels, some of which are beyond huge (think Great Hall at Hogwarts) and some of which are teeny tiny (think Harrys cupboard under the stairs). If you want to check it out, you can buy tickets here.

Punk Tea at Baltic Social

The Baltic Social is pretty amazing anyway, it’s in an old warehouse on the waterfront, the drinks are amazing and I love the mismatched decor inside, but the Punk Tea they’ve started doing is kind of beyond amazing. You get mini cheeseburger, honey chorizo skewers, mac and cheese balls, sweet potato and french fries, red velvet cake, oreo sponge cake and more, as well as a boozy teapot – and who doesn’t love drinking out of a teapot? It’s only £20 a head, and there’s a veggie option too, and basically I am drooling just typing it all out, so I’ve got to go. You can look at the menu on the Baltic Social website and see why I’m drooling over it!


How incredible does this look! Photo by Independent Liverpool.

Exit Strategy

Remember those games you could play when you were a kid? Where you had to click around the room, find clues and items and put them together until you figured how to get out of the room? Exit Strategy is a real life version of it! You do it with a bunch of friends and have an hour to get out of the room, and I can’t wait to get myself locked in and prove myself a total genius by easily figuring everything out and getting out of the room well in time (or you know, getting incredibly frustrated that I can’t solve anything and being in a strop that I’m not going to wind up the female Sherlock Holmes of the situation). Either works. There are a bunch of different rooms to choose from as well, so you can personalise the experience to you as well. If it sounds like the kind of thing you’d be down for, check out their website.


I know karaoke is about as polarising as Donald Trump…and honestly I wouldn’t even put myself that firmly in the ‘yay, karaoke’ team, buuuuuut, the atmosphere of Woodys can’t be sneezed at (Full disclosure, last time I was in Woodys karaoke bar I did a slammin’ version of This Is What Dreams Are Made Of from the Lizzie McGuire movie with my friends Beth and Liz) and that’s why I’m so intrigued by Mbox. It’s a Chinese karaoke bar where you rent a room (which is done out in atmospheric lighting no less), and have control of your own karaoke booth, plus their staff serve you drinks as you need them, and Chinese and Thai food is available all the time – always an enormous bonus for noodle addicts like moi. You can see the rooms, food and drink menu and pics of all the rooms on the Mbox site.


The main room at Mbox. Who doesn’t love a disco ball!? Pic from the Mbox site.

The Alchemist

I admit it, I’m a sucker for aesthetics. So a bar where the cocktails look like a potions class,  the ramen soup is served in a huge pot á la medieval times and there’s copper everywhere, was always destined to be right up my street. Even the neo traditional esque tattoo style graphics on the menus, they get me. I can’t wait to check out the Colour Changing One and Hawaiian Punch cocktails, and the Chicken Japanese Ramen…and lets not even get me started on the Rocky Road Sundae that I cannot wait to get stuck into. You can join me in perving over the menu here.


Now that’s what I call a cocktail.

So these are my top 5! I’m sure this post will have a part 2 and 3 and 4 as cool new things keep happening, or opening, and I’m looking forward to trying, well basically everything.



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