I got my septum pierced! | Lifestyle


Anyone who knows me knows I love a piercing, much to the despair of my mum. I spent most of my teenage years begging for snakebite lip piercings and practically sprinted to a piercer the day I was allowed to get my nostril pierced. Over the years I’ve had 13 piercings total (including the new addition!), mostly in my ears, and I still have 10 in today! I’ll probably even add to that, payday is looming…

Anyways, I decided just before Christmas to treat myself to a new piercing to jazz my face up. I knew it HAD to be a septum piercing – I’ve loved it since I fell in love with Zacky Vengeance from Avenged Sevenfold when I was 13, and I’ve actually had it done once before – sadly I had a boyfriend who hated it not long after I got it done and ended up taking it out cause he hated it, and actually used to flick me in it – disappointed in past me and her lack of a backbone :(


Zacky Vengeance of Avenged Sevenfold…aka 13 year old Sarah’s absolute love.

So, off I went to get it pierced! And I totally, totally love it. I feel like it’s probably my favourite piercing to be honest – and since I love it so much, and I’ve had a ton of questions about it, I thought I’d do a bit of a blog about it.

(For anyone who doesn’t know, a septum piercing is a piercing through the middle part of your nose. It doesn’t go through the cartilage, but the thin skin between the cartilage and the bottle of your nose.)

I went to The Painted Ladies on Hope Street in Liverpool for my piercing. They’re an incredible, independent studio who offer piercing, tattoos and beauty, and they’re wholly female run, which I think is awesome. Their studio is all kitted out in pink, glittery, cute stuff, and all the staff are totally incredible, which is why they’re always my first choice for piercings. I’ve already had my helix done by them!

When I arrived at The Painted Ladies, I talked to Beinta, their piercer and told her which piercing I wanted. I had to fill out a quick form, which just lets the studio judge if you’re suitable to be pierced. Beinta chatted to me the whole way through, and is just a total delight.

Once my form was filled in and checked out, I picked my jewellery – for septum piercings you can either have a closed ring, or an open bull ring (what Zacky has in the picture above  ^^). I picked the open bull ring, which has a little bit of a hidden benefit. Because of where a septum piercing is, you can flip the piercing up and it’s totally hidden – no one can even tell I have it pierced! It’s handy for days I just don’t feel like having a piercing :’).

The actual piercing is the quickest part of the whole thing – Beinta made a couple of marks in my nose where it was going to go, and then put on the clamps. The clamps hold your nose in place and are a target for the needle so to speak – they’re actually the most painful part because they pinch so bad! Once they’re firmly on (and hanging from your nose which is a weird, heavy sensation), the needle goes through. The actual pain only lasts a second, and it’s actually not that bad at all. I’m a wimp, and I’m totally fine with it, so if I can do it, so can anyone.

When the needle has gone through, the clamp comes off, and you’re left for a second with a really long needle sticking out either side of your nose. It’s obviously hilarious for anyone who goes along with you, since you’re just sat there looking all tribal. After a moment of tribal vibes, Beinta threaded my ring onto the needle, wriggled it through (which didn’t hurt), threaded the balls on and I was good to go. I did have to touch my face up though – there are so many nerve endings in your nose/septum that lots of people who get it pierced find that their eyes water for a few minutes, and yup, I was one of them.

I got my aftercare pack (which was so cute because it was done in Sailor Jerry style, heart eyezz), paid and I was back at work. The whole thing took under 45 minutes, including me walking to and from the studio. It cost me £35 in all, which is about average for the piercing – some places do it for £30, but I prefer to pay a little more for the amazing studio I go to.

For aftercare, you’re advised to clean it twice a day with boiled salt water that has mainly cooled for 6 weeks. I have to be honest, I didn’t follow it, my bad. When I’ve used salt water on piercings before it really hasn’t agreed with them, so for my cleaning I just used boiling water. Healing time is around 6 weeks, with 3 months till you can change jewellery, but I’m four weeks post piercing now, and I’d say it’s really healed. Pain afterward was minimal, for maybe a week it was sore when I touched it, but my best piercing in that respect!


I looooooove it!

I can’t wait till I hit the three month mark when I can start putting beautiful septum clickers in it like this – if anyone has any recommendations for where I can get some, hit me up!

To conclude, I can’t recommend a septum piercing enough, or Beinta at The Painted Ladies.




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