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A few weekends ago my lovely work pal Helen turned 50 and this weekend we packed our bags and headed to The Mere to get our celebrations on. We got an incredible package – £260 quid (between two people) for an overnight stay, dinner, breakfast, full spa access during our spa trip, and a 25 minute spa treatment – insane or what? That package isn’t available right now, but they have a ton of great treatment packages (or golfing packages, if you’re into that sort of thing).

The Mere Golf Resort and Spa

This is the front of the spa – I loved the clock tower! The Mere is in Knutsford, around a 40 minute drive from Liverpool, but well worth the road trip for us all. There were 9 of us doing the full package and 5 more who just came along for the day – I think access to the spa cost them around £40, so you can see how brilliant value the package we got was! We arrived around 11.30am on Saturday, to gorgeous weather and headed straight into the Spa Lounge and Bar for lots of prosecco before lunch. I went with a mozzarella and pesto flatbread which looked so good I immediately ate it before taking a picture, and a side of skin on fries, which were GREAT. I did however, get a picture of the menu, which was on an iPad!! How swanky – my inner technology geek was stoked about that.

Spa Lounge and Bar at the Mere, Knutsford

After lunch we headed straight into the spa, where we were given super fluffy robes and slippers to pad around in. The spa isn’t the biggest, but it feels really spacious and light – there’s a big pool, hot tub, steam room, aroma room, Caldarium, Hamman and an ice chip station, plus an outdoor terrace. We floated around the different rooms before heading off to our treatment – we could pick from a neck, back and shoulder massage, Discovery facial, leg and foot revival or intense hair and scalp treatment. I went for the Discovery facial to try and help my skin out before my flights this week and next. The Discovery facial is described as “An instant rejuvenation starting with a deep cleanse facial exfoliation, followed by a skin boosting massage with a prescriptive moisturiser,” and it was AMAZING. Hot towels, oils, serums, the whole works – my skin looked INCREDIBLE after it, and I went almost totally make up free at dinner, which is nigh on unheard of.

Post treatment we went back to the spa for some pool time and hung out on the terrace to enjoy an extra prosecco in the sun while singing happy birthday to the birthday prin. After that we headed over to the main hotel (looking super classy trotting across the car park in our robes and slippers) to check into our rooms, and there was my next surprise. I was sharing a room with my friend Amber, but room just doesn’t do it justice – it was huge!

We had two 3/4 beds which felt like sleeping on air, a little nook area overlooking some of the gardens, 2 double wardrobes, a mini couch a double sink, huge shower and even our very own meerkat friend (Mere…meerkat, get it?). Also pictured: my fluffy, fluffy robe. It was just so spacious and roomy, for a regular twin it was way beyond what we expected and Emily, Pete and Helen, who were sharing a triple room, bloody hell. Their room was twice the size of ours – we’re talking two single beds, a corner couch and a table and chairs set, plus bath and shower. Space is absolutely not something the Mere skimps on, in any way, shape or form. We drank in our rooms a little, then got ready – the incredible hot shower, complimentary toiletries and fluffy towels made the process really enjoyable.

I should add, the rooms lighting was great for selfies! I tried for a relaxed dinner look with some Missguided culottes (You can get them here – I lopped a couple of inches off since I’m super short), a black vest from Primark, over sized mesh metallic blue top (last seasons, but similar here) and black platforms with silver flame detailing (sold out at the minute, but these CC Clarke babies are very much in the same vibe).

We headed down to Browns for dinner – we all had a £30 meal allowance included in our stay, but could top it up with our own money if we needed to, which was useful. I have to admit to being a little bit concerned about dinner – as a fussy vegetarian, I find fancy restaurants a little stressful! The menu we were served with (on iPads again!) was much more extensive than the sample menu listed online, so I’d worried for nothing.

I skipped a starter, but we were treated to some complimentary bruschetta, along with a complimentary fresh bread selection, both of which went down a treat. For my main, I went with the goats cheese and tomato harissa tortellini, which was delicious, and super filling. I also got a cosmo, because I’m all about staying in my lane when it comes to cocktails and it was a great size (I hate a meagre cosmo) and super yummy.

After dinner it was straight back up to the the enormous triple room for drinking and party games – who doesn’t love Cards Against Humanity and Heads up? It was literally such a big room that all seven of us could fit in, dance, drink and go wild with more than enough space left over that we didn’t feel squished. We hit the hay around 12pm (which sounds pathetic but we had been on the prosecco since 11.30am…) and managed to wake up around 8.30am for our included breakfast, which was wow just like all the food at the Mere!

It was an all you can eat buffet breakfast (my very favourite kind) with gorgeous bread for toast, fresh juices, cereals, pastries, and all the typical cooked breakfast options PLUS veggie sausages! What more can a girl ask for? We stuffed ourselves full enough to see off our hangovers, and then before check out we headed down to the lake for a walk and wow…it was well worth the view! It was incredible, and made us all want to take up golfing – stay tuned to see how that goes.

Overall for my first ever spa weekend, I’d count it as a huge success – I had a great time in the Mere and would definitely recommend it to anyone who fancies a lovely weekend in nice surroundings, and lovely staff to look after you. We’re taking about another spa weekend in summer, and the Mere is an absolute front runner.




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