Other writing

I thought I’d keep a page where you can see all the other things I’ve written throughout my career. Some I’ve reposted on this blog and some I haven’t, but they’re all pieces I’m proud of!

Express Yourself: Social Media for Students
Just after I graduated with my BA I spent two months interning with the English department at Liverpool John Moores University, working on Social Media Skills for Students, an online resource to help undergraduate students develop social media and digital skills they need in the real world. I was a part of the team who launched the site and since then it’s actually become part of a compulsory module at LJMU – how cool?! I contributed these pieces to the site:

LinkedIn: A User Review

Creating Your Online Identity

Managing Your Profiles

Managing Your Networks

Save The Student
I wrote a few bits for this student money saving website while I was a broke ass undergraduate waiting for loan day to come around…maybe it wouldn’t hurt me to re-read them once a month in the loooong week before payday.

10 Money Draining Things You Could Do Without

Formal Wear: Dress Smart at Clever Prices

Calling Premium Rate Numbers for Free

Great Extra Curricular’s to Boost Your Career

The National Student
Another site I contributed to while an undergrad – unfortunately these articles aren’t live anymore so these screenshots will have to do!