Jewellery brands you need to know about | Fashion

I love fashion, and clothes as much as the next girl, but my heart really lies jewellery. I love the way it can instantly change an outfit, dress it up or down, and I love how much you can DO with jewellery, that you can layer it to get a hundred different looks. I particularly like really unusual, or statement jewellery, and there is nothing better for me than discovering a new jewellery brand to fall in love with. With that in mind, I thought I’d do a little post on some of my favourite brands at the minute to share them with you.

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How to deal with Game of Thrones being over for another year | Television


Here we are again, at the end of another season of Game of Thrones. It’s been another long, emotional slog, with beheadings, murder, plotting, sex, weird ice zombies, resurrections…you name it, we’ve been through it in the last ten weeks. And now it’s over. Again. And we’re bereft. Again. But we’ve been here before, on much worse cliffhangers than this (See: Stabbed Jon Snow) and we got through it. Here are some of the things I’m going to be doing to get myself through it.

8 things I wish I’d known about graduation | Education

So, it’s been three, four or five (or even seven, shout out to any architecture students reading this!) years. You’ve been through questionable choices in Freshers week, the unmatched high of student loan days, the unmatched low of spending your student loan in a week and living in poverty for the rest of the semester, you’ve survived exam month and felt the sheer glee of handing in your dissertation or last assignments, and now you’ve reached the last hurdle. Graduation.

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Game of Thrones | Tag Blog


I, like pretty much everyone else in the world, am pretty much obsessed with HBO’s Game of Thrones, as well as the books that they’re based on (The Song of Ice and Fire series by George R R Martin, as if you didn’t already know!). So I’ve been reaaaaally excited for Season 6 to air, and the first two episodes have not disappointed at all. Melisandre, you might burn children at the stake, but you’re alright.

So while I anxiously wait for episode 3 to air (at 2am UK time – I’m going to be knackered on a Monday for the rest of the season) I thought I’d do Tania Michelle’s GoT tag – some fun questions about what I think of the series. Without further ago…

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In love with Love, Courtney | Fashion

I confess, I love a good Celeb collab collection. I love being able to steal the style of someone I always think looks bomb, and I love how you can take these awesome statement pieces that are so very reminiscent of the celeb who worked on them, and make them your own. The last collection I really got obsessed with was the #NickGrimshawXTopman collection, which despite being designed for boys, had been absorbed into my wardrobe very successfully. I absolutely adore it.


My Grimmy paint splatter shirt is a favourite work outfit with black leather look skinnies and killer heels.

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The top mistakes guys make on Tinder | Boys

Everyone has those couple of things that they see people do on Tinder that just make them go “NOPE!”, and swipe left faster than you can say ‘Gratuitous app based hook up’, and while these differ person to person, these are the ones that get my right swipe well exercised.

  • Having nothing but group shots for pictures. You’re Mr Sociable and you’ve got loads of mates, we get it. But this is Tinder, not Where’s Wally and I’d really like to know which tank top wearing ‘lad’ from the Zante #TB profile pic I’m swiping right to.
  • Having girls (ESPECIALLY your ex) in your profile pictures. Any of them. I’m not exactly the crazy jealous nuts person (mostly) but really, know your audience.
  • Letting your bio have spelling mistakes in it. ‘Wot’ should have been left way back in 2006, resurrected only by parents who still think text speak is a thing. (Mum, if you’re reading this, it’s not still a thing. The days of messages limited by characters are long gone. You’ve got an iPhone, please use it to write iMessages however long you want.)*
  • Talking about your dog in your bio, but not having any pictures of your dog in your profile pictures. I would like evidence, please and it is in your interest because I am waaay more likely to go right if I’m gonna get to spend time with a cute dog somewhere along the line. Not that I’m animal shallow or anything.
  • Only including really far away location shots where you’re an itty bitty presence in them. I mean don’t get me wrong. The Vegas fountains are impressive. Machu picchu is super beautiful. I know all these things. What I don’t know is what the bloody hell you look like.
  • Putting memorials to dead family members or pets in your Tinder bio (I still can’t believe this is ACTUALLY A THING THAT REAL PEOPLE DO). I mean, I’m really sorry for your loss and everything, but how am I meant to start a conversation with that? Hardly romantic topic of the century is it? “So how did your Uncle Stephen die? Was it sudden? Nice sunglasses in your profile pic too…”.


*I really hope my mum isn’t reading my blog about Tinder. Sorry mum.

The moral minefield that comes with having fuckboys as friends | Friends | Boys

Everyone knows a fuck boy. And I do mean everyone. Even if he isn’t in your immediate friends circle, he’s that guy your friend dated and then he ghosted her. Or he’s the boy at the party you had a great time with and then everyone warned you off him so much you decided not to go there. Not only does everyone know a fuck boy, I’m actually willing to wager that you probably know a couple, because like Donald Trump, they are inexplicably on the up.

As long as you don’t date them, or let your friends date them, fuck boys can actually be acceptable furniture, or even vital parts, in the friendship group. Kind of like a poisonous toad in a reptile house – great to have around, adds variety and can even be the center of ‘Venom Week’, but don’t handle them. Just don’t. But does this fuck boy friendship pose a moral dilemma?

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Bumbling my way through online dating | Boys

I’ve never really got on board with the online dating hype. The closest I’ve got to is the month I spent obsessing over Lady Gaga’s Telephone video and the one time I downloaded Tinder the first message I got (20 minutes after downloading the app) was so sexually explicit I prompted deleted the app in shock and have never gone back, despite my friends swiping like their lives depend on it and heading off on Tinder dates left, right and center.

The closest I ever got to POF.

The closest I ever got to POF.

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5 things I learnt going to the Races | Fashion

Last weekend I went to Ladies Day, the second day of the Aintree Grand National weekend, and had an absolutely incredible time, even though I didn’t win a penny. I even got brave enough to enter the style awards, and although I didn’t win I loved taking part and getting my picture taken. Here’s my full races outfit:

My dress is from a Chinese eBay store, only £35 quid! As for accessories, my shoes are New Look, bag is Vivienne Westwood, necklace is Swarovski and my fascinator (pictured at the bottom of this post) was made by my rather excellent mother.

But, being as it was my first time, I definitely learnt some pointers about attending the races, mainly that

  1. You should always wear comfy shoes. You’re on your feet all day, in slightly treacherous ground conditions (grass is no ones friend) and there isn’t anything worse than having sore feet! So choose your shoes carefully, make sure they’re a great fit, supportive straps are your friend and make sure you test wear them around the house a minimum of three times, I didn’t order mine till 4 days before the event and so I had to test wear them around the office – not ideal!
  2. Be prepared. While no one wants a clutch bag you could fit the kitchen sink into, getting one big enough to stash emergency supplies in is essential! Make sure to stash plasters (in case your shoes turn out uncomfortable), wet wipes (useful for cleaning split booze off hands and mud off heels after a stagger across the grass) and hair slides to re-anchor hair styles or fascinators in case of uncooperative winds.
  3. Go digital. The Aintree Grand National is sponsored by Crabbies, so all race-goers this year were given the chance to download a special Crabbies pre-order app and oh my was it a good idea. You whack it on your smart phone, hook up your PayPal account to it and then when you arrive at Races hit ‘locate’. It then finds you the nearest bar and presents you with the menu for it, you pick your drink and order and it will give you a helpful notification when your drink is ready to collect, which allows you to skip all the queues and bar jostling, as well as eliminating the inevitable pile of change that these sort of events generate at the bottom of your bag. I also downloaded a William Hill betting app much with the same motivation (skipping queues, not having to carry cash) but also to save my complete embarrassment at the betting stall when it became apparent that I have no clue what odds are…it’s totally okay to pick a horse based on whether it has a cute name right? The only minor issue with having these apps is that as they’re hooked straight into your bank account, it’s waaaaaaay too easy to spend waaaaaay too much money. But hey, the races weekend is all about excess. Which brings me to
  4. Practise fascinator placement. As most of us don’t typically rock a fascinator day to day, figuring out where it’s supposed to sit in your head and how it’s supposed to work with your hair style isn’t the easiest part of the race day prep. Practise makes perfect with this one, and practise is very much supported by strategic back combing, hairspray and as many pins as are reasonably needed.
  5. Anything goes at Aintree. If you wanna rock a floor length dress with a train, you do it. If you wanna wear a jumpsuit, you do it. If you wanna wear a foot high fascinator, you do it. If you wanna use a bag shaped like a water can, you do it! (The winner of this years Style Awards did, and it’s worked out pretty well for her!)

So those are my big five lessons I learnt, hope they help out anyone who’s attending any of the other races coming up this sunmer! 

This was my fascinator for the races, and it was probably the part of my outfit I liked best, especially since my mum made its, so I knew i wasn’t going to run into anyone else with the same headgear 🙈

(The Monster Book of Monsters did not form part of my races attire, but I do think the fascinator works for it too)


#OOTD | Fashion

Shirt; New Look, £7 in sale

Jeans; New Look, £22.99

Boots; St John’s Precaint (Similar on!), £10 – I bought a pair of thigh highs and the store had an offer on that you could get another pair for a tenner and these were my picks!

Statement Necklace; Next, £10

Long Locket Necklace; Gift from my best friend, similar to the Venus With Love ones. Here’s a close up: