The moral minefield that comes with having fuckboys as friends | Friends | Boys

Everyone knows a fuck boy. And I do mean everyone. Even if he isn’t in your immediate friends circle, he’s that guy your friend dated and then he ghosted her. Or he’s the boy at the party you had a great time with and then everyone warned you off him so much you decided not to go there. Not only does everyone know a fuck boy, I’m actually willing to wager that you probably know a couple, because like Donald Trump, they are inexplicably on the up.

As long as you don’t date them, or let your friends date them, fuck boys can actually be acceptable furniture, or even vital parts, in the friendship group. Kind of like a poisonous toad in a reptile house – great to have around, adds variety and can even be the center of ‘Venom Week’, but don’t handle them. Just don’t. But does this fuck boy friendship pose a moral dilemma?

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5 reasons to be glad you’re back at work | Work

Lets face it, whether you had to go back before New Year, or Monday the 5th was your day of sorrow, no one really wanted to go back to work after the Christmas break. Literally no one. The first Monday in January is supposedly one of the most depressing days of the year, and I can feel that. Having to get out of your warm, toasty bed or off the couch, put on real clothes and actually function wasn’t something I was really looking forward to either, but after getting back into the swing of things, I’m actually glad ( :o ) to be back at work. Here’s some of the reasons it isn’t the worst thing in the world being back on a 9 – 5.

1. Being back at work means seeing all your work friends and colleagues again (who you hopefully like – if not disregard this post!), having a good old catch up, and making some plans for 2015.

2. You have a routine again! As nice as endless days off snacking on Christmas food and watching Elf are, it’s also nice to have some sort of purpose to your day again…and also to know that its Tuesday, not Christmas Eve Eve, or The Day after Boxing Day. (Does anyone use real days of the week during the Christmas break? I felt like I’d had two and a half weeks of Sundays).

3. You can enjoy all the excess chocolate/cake/goodies that everyone in the office got over Christmas and now wants to share and get rid of because they have 8 boxes of Mint Matchmakers chilling in their cupboard and they really need the space back.

4. There’s a chance to re-live all the best parts of Christmas and New Year as you tell your highlights to co-workers. The part of New Year where the bar man gave you a free bottle of Moet sounds way better when you miss out the two hours you spent waiting for a taxi at half five in the morning.

5. Now that you’re back at a place where you have to wear something other than your Christmas PJs, you can wear all your cool Christmas presents, or try out your sale buys. I’ve worn new clothes every day this week and my desk now has a cute new Pop Vinyl Rocket the Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy on it!

Even with all these reasons though….I’m still not stoked to be up at 6.50 everyday.


Sarah Louise x