10 things you should know now you’ve graduated and got a real job| Education | Work

So you’ve passed your degree, made it through graduation without tripping over your own feet, you have an actual adult job to go to Monday through Friday, but now what?

It’s a totally new frontier for most people, and one that none of our years of schooling and standardised testing and summer holidays have prepared us for. It’s been two years since I graduated and had to go out into the big, wide world, and upon reflection, these are the ten things I wish someone had let me in on before I became a real grown up. Or at least, the attempt of a real grown up that I am now.

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#OOTD | Fashion

Shirt; New Look, £7 in sale

Jeans; New Look, £22.99

Boots; St John’s Precaint (Similar on Misspap.com!), £10 – I bought a pair of thigh highs and the store had an offer on that you could get another pair for a tenner and these were my picks!

Statement Necklace; Next, £10

Long Locket Necklace; Gift from my best friend, similar to the Venus With Love ones. Here’s a close up: